What To Expect When Selling Your House Via Rent To Own in Stroudsburg

Both buyer and seller may profit from renting a property on a rent-to-own basis. This option can be a long-term way of earning when compared to a singular purchase. This is also great for sellers who still wish to keep the property or the title while earning money from the real estate they own.

The homeowner can get rent and extra cash, while the buyer may try out the house for a while before committing to a sale. There are two sorts of rent-to-own agreements: one that permits you to buy the property and one that binds you to do so.

It also allows the buyer to put down a deposit and devise a financing plan that works for them. If they are unable to qualify for the loan but have the choice contract, this allows them to avoid legal costs while also saving them from work.


You can expect to negotiate the conditions of the agreement in your favor when you rent your property through rent-to-own in Stroudsburg, PA. You can have the buyer maintain and make all necessary repairs, with some exceptions — check your local regulations. The length of time you will be renting, how much extra money will be put toward the deposit, and whether or not there will be an option fee are all things that can be negotiated.

When you negotiate, ensure that you have all the agreed-upon terms in writing, with copies distributed to you and the buyer. The agreement will keep you protected in case any of the negotiations do not meet expectations.

Different Market

When you sell your house through rent-to-own in Stroudsburg, PA, you’ll open yourself up to a much broader market. In addition, you’ll have a lot of options since many individuals want to “try before they buy.” Rent-to-own is also more affordable to most individuals instead of purchasing the property directly.

This gives the potential buyer the option to buy the property after living in it for a few years, which is fantastic news for them! They’ll be able to try before they buy and fall in love with it, or decide whether it’s the right home for their family. If they decide not to purchase it, you may list it as a rent-to-own house once more!

Higher Sales Price

If you rent your house through rent-to-own in Stroudsburg, you can set a higher purchase price than usual if the renter decides to buy the property. The buyer will be ready to pay extra to get such an incredible opportunity.

Additionally, having a set purchase price might be nice as a sigh of relief, especially if the market does not grow as quickly as you had anticipated while negotiating the purchase price.

Additional Fees

When you sell your house rent-to-own in Stroudsburg, an option fee is placed on the contract. This fee allows the renter to decide whether or not to purchase the property at the end of their rental term, which is typically three years.

If they do not choose to buy the home, this fee is non-refundable. On top of that, extra money may be added each month on rent payments as a sort of deposit towards buying — but again, if they don’t follow through and purchase at the end of three years, this amount paid monthly will also not be refunded.

Monthly Payments

If you don’t need to sell your property right away, you can make a monthly income for at least two years, if not three years, when selling your home via rent-to-own in Stroudsburg. This might assist you in paying off your mortgage or adding to your speculative pool for additional investments. It’s also a good way for your investment in a property to come back to you. You may also put that money toward a bigger purchase or establish a savings account for something unique.

At Skilled Property Finders, we understand that selling your home can be a difficult and confusing process. In order to sell your home fast in Stroudsburg, sometimes you have to look at alternatives so you worry less about the sales process and can focus on getting paid.

We are experts in buying homes fast and will take care of the entire process for you. You won’t have to go through the hassle or wasted time negotiating with potential renters. Contact us today and receive more information about what we can do for you!

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