About Us


Our purpose is to empower others to live life on their terms by providing Real Estate investing education, mindset strategies and opportunities to invest in Real Estate actively or passively.

Our platform is to educate, empower and network. We believe that success is 80% MINDSET + 20 SKILLSET = 100 SUCCESS. Join us at one of our upcoming events and get the mindset and skillset required to succeed as an investor.

Benefits joining our group attending our events

  • Live Real estate training and education at every event
  • Organized networking
  • Opportunity to Build out your team as an investor
  • Expert speakers at our live events example title companies, appraisers, inspectors, CPAs, Attorneys etc.
  • A personal development component at every event
  • Learn our system and use our network to get started as an investor

Communities empowered by Elite Strategist

  • Stroudsburg, PA
  • East Stroudsburg, PA
  • Bushkill, PA
  • Mount Pocono, PA
  • Northampton, PA
  • Tannersville, PA

“Best Real Estate meet-up I have ever attended. I have been to many in the try state area”

– Daniela Reynoso

The Elite Strategist

Many people dream of being an entrepreneur, without ever knowing what that means or what it truly takes to become successful.