What to do if You are Tired Of Being a Landlord But Want To Keep The Cash Flow

The real estate market is interesting; many opportunities will come your way throughout the time you operate in the real estate market. These opportunities range from giving your house on rent, buying and selling houses, flipping houses and much more.

The truth be told; it can often get very hard to deal with tenants and their queries and deal with the maintenance problems. In these situations, people often decide to leave the real estate market completely. However, the money factor keeps them in dealing with all such issues.

How about we tell you an alternative that will keep the cash flow, and you will not have to deal with the tenants’ such problems?

Keep reading to find the solution to your misery.

Cash Home Buying

If you are tired of being a landlord, then this opportunity is perfect for you. Cash home buying is when you can sell the house for cash and not have to deal with the delays caused otherwise. Cash home buying is the easiest way to sell a house in the real estate market, as you will be able to have the money in your hand sooner than you will know.

Benefits of Selling For Cash

Selling for cash is one of the quickest methods to sell your house along with many added benefits, how? Read below to find:

1. Quick:

A deal where you are selling a house for cash normally closes within days; however, a traditional deal normally closes after weeks and months. All you need to do is look for someone who is willing to buy a house for cash, they will come to visit the house you’re selling, make an offer and if you agree with it, you will have the money by the end of the week (or sooner).

A cash home buyer is someone who has cash readily available with them and will not have to apply for loans and mortgage, making the process much simpler, quicker and smoother. It’s just two parties; the buyer and the seller, involved in the deal and no third party, will make the deal quicker.

2. Sell Home As-is:

Someone selling a house is normally not very interested in fixing all the house problems if there are any leakages or chipped paint. All they want is to sell, and however, in a traditional sale, you will have to make sure that the house looks good or else it won’t sell. Similarly, if you’re someone tired of the tenants’ maintenance problems and would like to get rid of these problems for good, this option is perfect for you.

In a cash home sale, no one will mind if the house is not in A-1 conditions because they’re most probably buying to flip it or invest in it to buy for a higher price. In fact, they might just paint the wall yellow that you would never have. All in all, it saves you a lot of money, time and effort. You will be able to sell the house in its current conditions and will not have to go through the hassle of fixing it and making sure it’s well maintained like you would have had to if you were renting it.

3. Buyers Are Easily Available:

Selling a house in the traditional way is a big hassle, you will have to hire a real estate agent, then list it on MLS, and then the lengthy proceedings begin. Similarly, it’s not very easy to find tenants as well, which might make it very exhausting for the landlords to rent the house. The tenants have very high demands, and the tenant’s rights have made it even more difficult for the landlords as they have to abide by all the rules and regulations and provide amenities to the tenants.

Finding a buyer who is willing to buy your house for cash is fairly easy. You can check out the local market, google it or you can even consult Skilled Property Finders. They promise that they will find you a cash and will close in 14 days.

 4. Saves Money 

Various factors in a cash home sale will allow you to save money, compared to giving your house on rent or selling it traditionally. As we have noted above, you will not have to hire a real estate agent or a property manager to sell or maintain your house. Instead, you will be able to proceed without having to pay the real estate agent fees. 

Apart from that, your house will be sold as-is, which will also save you a lot of money. But the key point here is that time is money. You will save the time that you would have to otherwise spend on entertaining different potential buyers who will come to visit the house but will not buy or rent it. Moreover, you will be able to escape from the delays caused by applying for the mortgages and loans on the buyer’s side. The total deal is a lifesaver if you are tired of being a landlord. 


By now you must be thinking that I should sell my property to a cash buyer. Yes, you can do that, and if you are looking for someone to connect you with cash buyer, then you’ve come to the right place. 

If you would like to sell your property with zero hassle, for cash and close within 14 days visit our website www.skilledpropertyfinders.com

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