5 Unexpected Benefits of Working With A Real Estate Wholesaler in Stroudsburg, PA

Real estate wholesalers are highly misunderstood — and for a good reason. With so many people trying to jump on the bandwagon, it’s easy to see why there’d be confusion. Oftentimes, those people will have just attended a seminar or watched a YouTube video rather than having any actual experience in the field.

Many self-proclaimed real estate wholesalers make plenty of rookie mistakes that could wind up costing investors like you dearly. Do your research before selecting a wholesaler to partner with; you’ll be surprised at all of the advantages that come from working with an experienced professional!

Continue reading this article to find out the benefits of working with a professional wholesaler instead of doing it by yourself.

Property Costs

One great upside of working with a real estate wholesaler in Stroudsburg is that they will have already appraised the property! This is an enormous benefit to you because it saves you time. Appraising a property requires special attention and an understanding of the jargon used in the real estate industry. A professional who knows their way around the field will be able to do this with no problem.

If you’re not mindful of the typical rental rates, sale prices, closing fees for both buyers and sellers, rehabilitation costs, taxes, utility costs, HOA fees and regulations, and insurance payments, then getting a property that might not fit well in your portfolio could cost you more money than it makes.


While it may be an unforeseen perk, working with a wholesaler in Stroudsburg also gives you access to their expansive list of referrals for anything related to your investment — from banks that are favorable towards investments, to insurance providers and title companies. Since they’ve established relationships with these individuals and groups over the years, you’ll likely be able to take advantage of discounted rates offered by the affiliates they work with. All of this culminates in time and money saved on your end! Having connections in the industry will be beneficial if you’re looking to increase your real estate portfolio in the future.

First Dibs

Together with increasing your connections and establishing relationships, by working with a real estate wholesaler in Stroudsburg, you have access to individuals who are knowledgeable about upcoming property purchases, usually before the general public is privy to this information.

As a result, these professionals can bid and purchase properties at a lower price than an average investor. In turn, they can offer the same property to you at a reduced rate as well, leading to sizable savings over time!

Time and Money

Say goodbye to the time-consuming process of finding an available property, researching its characteristics, and contacting the municipality for more information. If you want to sell a property immediately or you are looking to purchase, doing it by yourself will amount to hours to days of research.

Wholesalers do all of that work for you! And not only does this save you precious time, but it saves you money as well. So why continue to slave away trying to find your perfect investment when there are wholesalers out there who can do it for you?

The Bottom Line

When working with a real estate wholesaler in Stroudsburg, you both make money when you close a deal. Wholesalers work to provide investors with the best inventory options that will result in the greatest profit margins. Professional real estate wholesalers are experienced and often have multiple deals going on at one time, which allows them to assign properties for much less than those who only handle one or two jobs per month.

Ready to sell your home?

Real estate investing can be thrilling and profitable. If you’re looking to get started but feel lost, we recommend partnering with a cash home buyer in Stroudsburg. An experienced professional will make the process much smoother and simpler for you. Plus, we would be more than happy to help guide you through your options here at our company.

Skilled Property Finders offers many benefits to those looking to sell their homes fast in Stroudsburg, PA. We buy houses in Stroudsburg for 100% fair cash offers, so sellers can focus on turning a profit without having to worry about all that paperwork. We take care of it all for you.

Call us now at (570) 673-0413 or send us a message to learn more about how we can help you!

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