How your limiting beliefs are holding you back from acheiving your goals and what to do to change them with Hypnotherapist Tina Pineiro

In this episode Martin Perdomo The Elite Strategist interviews Tina Pineiro a hypnotherapist and they discuss what does it take to have a Real Estate investors mindset. she shares that the most common challenge she has seen in her 14 years as a hypnotherapist is peoples belief system. She shares with us how to challenge our thinking and what are some of the things we can do to propel our selves forward. She shares that if you use all of your experiences in your life to get better you will get better. Tina diggs into what are limiting belief and where do they come from. We talk about how a limiting belief is that negative self talk that tells us that we can’t do something because of whatever reason.

Most people think that Real estate investing is about having the strategies down and yes thats important but the biggest part of Real Estate investing is getting your mindset right. Getting rid of negative emotions , creating empowering thoughts and getting rid of your limiting beliefs. Everything starts with a vision and from there if work on yourself and take intelligent massive action it becomes reality. Enjoy this episode

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