Opportunities in Multi Family Real Estate with Rod Khleif

Martin Perdomo The Elite Strategist teaches individuals how to invest and create wealth in Real Estate, and in this week’s episode, he is joined by a very special guest, the Host of the #1 Commercial Real Estate Podcast: The Lifetime CashFlow Through Real Estate Investing Podcast, author of How to Create Lifetime CashFlow Through Multifamily Properties, and Director at The Lifetime CashFlow Academy, Rod Khleif. Rod’s here on the podcast to talk about how he bounced back from his $50 Million Loss, the amazing opportunities with multifamily and real estate in general, and lastly the future and what to expect in this current recession that our economy is currently facing. Rod has so many freebies to give to our listeners so I highly recommend you listen to the entirety of this episode so you too can become a master of your own mindset!

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